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Jeremy Stewart is an award-winning animator with over 20 years of experience in the film industry. Prior to co-founding Animism Studios, he worked as an animation supervisor at DNEG and Image Engine, where he contributed to major blockbuster films such as Marvel's Ant-Man and the Wasp, Pacific Rim II, Jurassic World, Star Trek: Beyond, The Thing, X-men, Charlotte's Web, Happy Feet and many more. He has also held lead and senior roles at several other top studios. Throughout his career, Jeremy has worked on a diverse range of projects that vary in scope, scale, and style. He has gone well beyond the role of animator to edit, produce, and create numerous productions.


In 2017, Jeremy co-founded Animism Studios where he developed a range of skills and experience in various areas of animation, VFX, business, sales, marketing, business development, human resources, production, and client interaction. He played an instrumental role in acquiring new business opportunities through his personal network, connections, and cold calling. Jeremy met with clients to build trusting relationships and helped them achieve their vision while ensuring that they received the best possible service and quality.


Jeremy was involved in all aspects of production, including project estimates, project bidding (VFX, animation, outsource, full CG, and live-action bidding), as well as complete script breakdowns. He served as animation supervisor on +10 shows, with the largest project consisting of 172 shots, 3 episodes, and 5 different photoreal animals. Jeremy was the project supervisor for 11 shows, overseeing all departments, and on-set VFX supervisor for 7 productions. As the Animation and Creative Director for a variety of projects, he directed and oversaw the creation of various media, including realistic recreations of dinosaur behavior, a full CG animated commercial for Boys and Girls Club, and historical reenactments with live action treated with VFX to give the footage an artistic stylized look.


In terms of business skills, Jeremy created strategies for developing new business, wrote the initial business plan and company mission statement, and co-wrote business policies and procedures. He initiated and oversaw the creation of the shareholders' legal agreement, revised investor pitch decks, and pitched the company to several investors and potential acquirers. He also wrote the employee handbook, recruited numerous employees (including key staff) through connections or direct outreach, and assisted with hiring and firing decisions, hiring/recruiting strategy, team building, and conflict resolution. 


Giving back is also of great importance to Jeremy. He shares his extensive industry knowledge and experience speaking at schools and organizations as well as mentoring up-and-coming artists in his spare time. Jeremy has also donated his time to direct, produce, and animate media for non-profit organizations or productions that have a positive message. Some of his notable works include projects for the SPCA, David Suzuki Foundation, and documentaries regarding the environment and society.


Despite his extensive experience and accomplishments, Jeremy remains a hands-on artist who loves to work side-by-side with other artists on shots. He is passionate about filmmaking, animation, and learning new technology and workflows.

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